2014 – 2019: DL8 – DL3 Mirror Upgrade PNP Harness


Looking to upgrade your outside side mirrors?  These custom harnesses will simplify your installation, making it Plug and Play!  Simply swap your door harnesses and swap your mirrors! read more
Chevrolet, GMC
3 lbs
10 × 7 × 5 in
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18 reviews

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These door harnesses are custom built for your truck and the mirror upgrade you are looking to achieve.  Installation is Plug and Play.

If you currently have DL8 Mirrors and want to upgrade to DL3 Mirrors these are the harnesses you needed!  These harnesses are designed to upgrade to GM Factory DL8 (Manual Fold, Power Adjust, and Heat) Mirrors to DL3 (Power Fold, Power Adjust, Turn Signal, Puddle Lamp) Mirrors.


2014 – Silverado/Sierra 1500 Trucks (all cab styles) – **Diode (included) will be needed to get puddle lamps to activate and follow your dome lamps.

2015 – 2018 Silverado/Sierra 1500, 2500HD, 3500HD Trucks (all cab styles).

2019 – Chevrolet / GMC 2500, 3500 (all cab styles)

2019 – Chevrolet / GMC LD (Limited Design – 2018 Body Style – all cab styles)

NOTE:  You will need to replace your Power Adjust only switch to a Power Adjust/Fold Switch – Part # 23154702 to get the power fold function to work

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How-To Video Here!

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3 lbs
10 × 7 × 5 in

Reviews (18)

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  • (verified owner)

    BoB KUMM (verified owner)

    this kit is awesome ,Phil is a top notch professional, keep up the great work ,Super helpful and a man of his word. can’t wait for my next upgrade. Thank you again

  • Kathy Birkholz

    I can’t say enough about Phil , he went way above and beyond with me. His harness made my life so much easier and when I ran into a problem ( self made) he stayed the coarse with me and helped me out !! Highly recommend, would not hesitate to do business with the Harness DR again! So , with this harness , even a girl can do it 😆 now I need a up grade for my wireless iPhone charging pad and if he makes I will buy 👍🏻 Thanks again , Phil

  • (verified owner)

    John Burgin (verified owner)

    This kit was a total game changer and made the upgrade so much easier and efficient. The videos and instructions were easy to use and follow which made the installation much easier and less time consuming. Looking for more upgrades now from Phil!

  • Willie Jackson

    A1 with the tools. This guy here is magical with the harness. Phil was quick, knowledgeable and friendly. Was a true inspiration to me, not knowing I’ve watched just about all his videos lol. Thanks again buddy! ( Two thumbs up!)

  • (verified owner)

    Jorge A Garcia (verified owner)

    100% plug and play. Phil is awesome. Very responsive. Always helpful.

  • Brooklyn Mills

    Phil is amazing . Building one off trucks is not easy but he did exactly what I want looks totally factory hook up was plug and play easy to do and mirrors work perfectly. 100% recommend

  • (verified owner)

    Robert B (verified owner)

    The customer service I received from Phil was great. From his how to videos to the quick responses I’ve gotten. He definitely backs up his reputation in the GM community.

  • (verified owner)

    Austin Harris (verified owner)

    Great quality and customer service! My harness was customized for my 2015 Silverado LT as my aftermarket mirrors were built and it all works flawlessly. The YouTube video was spot on too. Everything was plug & play with clips included. Worth every penny.

  • Ernie Colling (springerst94)

    I recently purchased the dl8 to towing mirror harnesses to change out the dl8 mirrors to GM Towing mirrors on my 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab. Best decision I made. The harnesses worked as advertised. We not too difficult to install, and best of all was the support I received from HarnessDr. Phil informed me what message might come up on my DIC and what I should do if it came up. I did as Phil instructed and have had no issues. Everything works as advertised. No need to re-flash the BCM. I would highly recommend using HarnessDr when changing out the standard mirrors on your truck. Phil’s support is worth the price.

  • (verified owner)

    naldocl02 (verified owner)

    Amazing product!!! Phil Gamboa is providing a great service to all. I am a repeat customer, and will continue to purchase from Phil also known as the Hardness Dr.

  • angelmartinez7300

    Great upgrade to upgrade your truck. The harness is perfectly set up to match the exact location to each clip. Everything worked perfectly. Thank you Phil.

  • angelmartinez7300

    One of the best upgrades I have done on my truck. The harness is perfectly set up when you are mounting it, it matches the tabs where they belong so it. Everything works perfectly. Thank you Phil.

  • Capt. Morgan

    Real easy install. The video’s are fantastic. He is extremely knowledgeable.
    A big Thank You from Ontario Canada.

  • Michael Lacey

    Worked out perfect all mounting tabs exactly where they are supposed to be and very nice work

  • (verified owner)

    Paul M (verified owner)

    I’ve never done anything like this project before, but Phil’s PnP harness and videos instilled the confidence to tackle it. Just add a little elbow grease! I got both door harnesses installed and mirror caps swapped in approx 4 hours. I no longer have to jump across the seat to fold in the mirror just to pull into the garage!

  • (verified owner)

    Mike haag (verified owner)

    First I just want to say wow so I bought dl3 mirrors and told my self all I needed was dl3 harness so I put them on and of course I only had some function to the mirrors so i got of hold of Phil and told him my issue and he told me what i needed so i bought the dl8 to dl3 harness plug and play and it was exactly what I needed now i have full functionality turn signals power fold puddle lights heat i wish i would have came across phil before i wasted my money on the dl3 harness. So thanks Phil now my mirrors are amazing lol it was great working with you I will be in touch for the rear view mirror upgrade. Mike

  • Gary

    Very easy with this harness. Thanks Phil for helping make my truck more enjoyable.

  • hubbstx

    Harness Dr. has the PNP harness you need to upgrade just about anything. I upgraded my mirrors with Harness Dr. and it was a snap. Everything was absolutely as should and watching the video I was done in less than two hrs. Great product with great support.