2014 – 2019: DL8 – DL3 DIY Kit


Chevrolet, GMC
.25 lbs
9 × 6 × 1 in
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If you currently have DL8 Mirrors and want to upgrade to DL3 Mirrors this is the DIY Kit for you.  If you are inclined to modify your factory door harnesses, this is the kit you want.  With this kit, you’ll be removing your door harnesses, performing the modifications, and reinstalling.

This kit is designed to add the missing circuits so you can upgrade from the GM Factory DL8 (Manual Fold, Power Adjust, and Heat) Mirrors to DL3 (Power Fold, Power Adjust, Turn Signal, Puddle Lamp) Mirrors.


2014 – Silverado/Sierra 1500 Trucks (all cab styles) – **Diode (included) will be needed to get puddle lamps to activate and follow your dome lamps.

2015 – 2018 Silverado/Sierra 1500, 2500HD, 3500HD Trucks (all cab styles).

2019 – Cheverolet / GMC 2500, 3500 (all cab styles)

2019 – Cheverolet / GMC LD (Limited Design – 2018 Body Style – all cab styles)

NOTE:  You will need to replace your Power Adjust only switch to a Power Adjust/Fold Switch – Part # 23154702 to get the power fold function to work.

Printed instructions will be included.

Go from this:

To this:

Go from this:

To this:

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.25 lbs
9 × 6 × 1 in

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  • (verified owner)

    Jose (verified owner)

    Bought this kit to do the mirror conversion. Great DIY and instructions were clear. Had some trouble with it and Phil gave me his personal number to reach him at. Got it all fixed! Great customer service!! Ordering more stuff as we speak

  • (verified owner)

    John Gilreath (verified owner)

    I bought the Dl8 To DL3 mirror wiring kit. The instructions were spot on and the install was easier than I anticipated. Great customer service. Phil is the greatest. Would highly recommend Harness Doc.
    Dallas, NC.

  • (verified owner)

    Bryan (verified owner)

    I bought the dl8 to dl3 diy kit and let me tell you how fantastic it was.The instructions were straight forward and easy to understand.What’s more time consuming is removing the wire harness than installing the new wires you need.I high recommend this because every function of the mirror works.You also keep the factory look when installing the kit which is important.

  • (verified owner)

    Gerry (verified owner)

    Just got done installing the DL8 – DL3 DIY Mirror Upgrade Kit. This kit is awesome from start to finish with Very detailed instructions. Saved me a bunch of money on a new harness. Now I have more money to spend on some more Harness Dr items. Thanks again

  • (verified owner)

    Tadd Kasbeer (verified owner)

    Kit an the directions were excellent. Did some YouTube research on door panel removal as well as Gamboa’s mirror cap removal video as part of the advance preparation for the project. Took my time and double checked everything before inserting anything or cutting anything. Didn’t even break any tabs on the mirror cap. Overall took about 4-5 hours but everything worked like it should.
    I did have an issue with the black (ground) wire splice and ended up cutting and soldering to make the connection. Also recommend for the parts where you need to feed the wires through the rubber gaskets – get a metal straw and feed that through before feeding the wires through that. Made it much easier.

  • Mike Kollar

    Top shelf parts and customer service.. I highly recommend Harness Dr!

  • (verified owner)

    Jadon Weinel (verified owner)

    Great kit. I wanted to save some money on buying the premade harness Phil sells since I have some electrical knowledge and am pretty food with this kind of thing. Come to find out I don’t need to know much of anything as the directions are spot on and Phil has many support videos as well. He was also there for me when I had a Couple questions along the way about to her things. I highly recommend harness dr.

  • (verified owner)

    Matt (verified owner)

    Very easy to install. Directions made it easy.

  • (verified owner)

    TODD DOEHRMANN (verified owner)

    High quality product and an even higher quality customer support from Phil! I highly recommend purchasing from Phil. This DIY kit was super easy to work with and the rewards are awesome 👍

  • Paul Lukas

    Kit worked perfectly, instructions were great and service was awesome. Quality product – wiring and terminals same as OEM

  • Matt Baker

    I used this DIY kit to add DL3 mirrors to my 2014 Silverado. The wiring was identical to the OEM wiring, and the instructions were highly detailed! One of the best things my truck has now! I would highly recommend the Harness Dr!